Lifestyle Living

There’s something so satisfying about an organized house. Something about the accomplishment of finding the time in your busy day to conquer a task that is seemingly so simple.

For me, an organized house is near impossible. The place is small, the amount of gear is large. I am part of the “lifestyle living” movement.  Often times I find myself thinking, “now where did I fit these set of skis before I took them out” or “where will I move the tupperware of climbing equipment this week so it’s tacky exterior doesn’t offend my guests?”

I guess that’s why they invented Ikea, the modern, on-a-budget, small-living, big-lifestyle store. And had I known that I would be the proud owner of 6 sets of skis & poles, 4 bikes, 4 Tupperware bins of climbing gear, 3 racks full of ski pants/coats, and an underside of a bed full of baseball equipment, I would have invested in an enclosed Ikea wall unit a long time ago. Sure my apartment houses some key Ikea pieces, from that latest binge shop… but I’d like to classify my home under the category of “lifestyle living.”

“How Chique!”

Now that’s a magazine I’d like to see. The new issue of Lifestyle Living, subtitle: How to Store 4 Mountain Bikes in a Small Apartment. I already have the solution for two of those bikes, and they double as wall hangings (how chique!). Lets just say that having a wooden pallet to hold up my skis is a “Pinterest Fave”, and so is that chairlift that doubles as a living room sofa. Or the fact that I use two obsolete snowboards as shelves,  to hold up a plethora of different helmets for each individual sport. The fact that I have multiple Tupperware containers full of gear does not say “this girl is out of space” or “too cheap to invest in a storage locker” I call it Lifestyle Living.

My version of living relies on having just enough money and gear to be happy. And I have more gear and less space than you can imagine. And although at times I wish my house was Ikea wall-unit organized, I know it will never be that way because I chose to live in a place that makes me smile every day. A place that requires not one set of skis, but six, and not one type of bike, but four. I’m an advocate of Lifestyle Living, my house IS clean. So come over whenever, and don’t be offended by the gear clutter.


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