A Letter to my Viewers

I have a confession to make. I’m not the ski bum you think I am. Well, at least in the sense of the word. When I started up Diaries of a Ski Bum, I didn’t know what it was going to be. Now, at 600+ subscribers (love you guys) I’m still questioning that. Am I SKI BUM enough to keep it up?

So lets break it down. What is a ski bum? Of course that’s the question I’ve asked myself so many times since I started this channel 3 years ago. A ski bum is someone who thinks skiing is life. It’s someone that will trade his or her left arm to ski EVERYDAY. And because of this, he or she is naturally amazing at the park, dropping cliffs, and casually doing big tricks.

Can I drop big cliffs? No. Can I casually do big tricks? No. Do I love skiing? Yes.

I love the snow. I love the way my skis cut through the powder as I fly through the trees; the taste of the cold air on my teeth. I love the adventure of exploring a mountain with some good friends and finding those runs that make you feel alive. I love the tired you feel after a long day of skiing and knowing that you won’t take a nap because apres is going to lead to dinner, and dinner is going to lead to drinks and partying. And I love getting up there the next day and continuing where you left off. We all know that skiing is the perfect cure for a hangover.

So then, why do I feel so pressured to try big tricks that look cool in order to maintain a “ski bum” status. Why does the ski industry push so hard to make itself look cool?

I remember going out to a bar in Whistler on ladies night and being one of the three ladies there. The ski industry is largely male dominated and that testosterone will tell you to drop giant cliffs, and do crazy stunts. It will be competitive and tell your biggest trick to be even bigger. I understand the glamour of winning the Dew Tour, or being a Red Bull athlete. And I applaud the ladies that are trying to make it in this crazy industry.

I’m not making an excuse for females. And I’m definitely not putting down the ski industry. I love how pro athletes inspire the little guys. And of course there are some amazing girl huckers out there too (ahem Kelly Sildaru ahem). These people are amazing to watch, but these people are not me.

My channel has never been about looking cool, or being a good skier for that matter. It’s about FUN.  My sticker says “make skiing fun again” for a reason. I’m here for the people who love skiing as much as me. The ones that find fun in strapping on a pair of skis and just getting outside. The ones who don’t complain about the snow and shovelling the driveway. The ones that stare up into the sky trying to catch fat flakes on their tongue. To me, skiing is supposed to be fun, it’s not about the pressure to try and make it pro.

You could say that getting that big trick down that you’ve been working on is FUN. Or messing around with your buddies on the chairlift is fun. I’m not saying that’s bad thing. Everyone has their own version of fun. In fact, at Whistler Blackcomb, the number one skier at the top of the leaderboards is a retired lady who goes up to ski groomers every day. And that, that’s her version of having fun.

For me, the FUN in skiing lies in the adventure. Taking a run through the trees to see where it goes, or finding a new secret viewpoint. The fun also lies in connecting with people after your day to shoot the shit about how your day was: “I skied the gnarliest line!” , “They took us to this new spot that was STILL covered in powder at the end of the day!” I make my ski channel to connect with other people who understand that type of fun.

So am I ski bum? Not up to industry standards…  Will I keep making a fool out of myself on youtube because I love skiing? Yes.

I put out new videos every Thursday.




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