What It’s Like to be a Ski Bum

“Why skiing? Why not choose another sport?” – Erica

“What else is there?” – Eggnog

On Thursday’s episode I get to sit down with a good friend and fellow ski bum, “Eggnog” to talk about ski bumming, ski bunnies, and doing whatever it takes to follow your passion.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about ways in which I could involve the ski community around me in my youtube channel: “Diaries of a Ski Bum.”  I have a BUNCH of really rad friends that I’d love to bring on the show, so I thought, why not start with one of the first ski bums I ever met living on the west coast?

A ski bum is someone who will do anything for a lift ticket or season’s pass. And it is clear in this interview. Without giving too much away, Egon talks about some of the fascinating places he’s lived to offset the cost of skiing. From a living room in Vancouver to a boot dryer room in Australia, he’s been skiing some really rad places, and working hard to follow that ski season!

So subscribe! And check it out.



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