Safety and Snow Levels at Whistler Blackcomb

I feel like I’ve lived out three terrible seasons so far, only to rest my eyes on THIS ONE. As you’ve probably figured out from my last video, Whistler is my home mountain, and we have been getting DUMPED on.

This picture was taken Opening Day at Whistler Blackcomb. With the snow levels up to my knees. And just a couple days later, I had friends posting pictures with snow-eating levels of snow.

Now, I don’t want to give you a safety lesson. But since everyone is out there having fun, it may be a good time to REMIND you to RESPECT THE MOUNTAIN.

The snow levels are high enough to bury a person!

Safety Checklist:

  • Are my tips up?
  • Leaning back on my board?
  • Do I have a buddy?
  • Is my helmet on?
  • Do I know the risks if I decide to ski out-of-bounds?
  • Is there a meeting place specified?

Just the other day we had to help a kid out of chest-deep snow. I guess his buddies had left him to fend for himself. You don’t know how hard it is to push yourself out from under THAT MUCH SNOW. You’d never think that light-fluffy snow turns into thick, heavy, cement when it’s on the ground. Eventually he was able to take his board off and use it as leverage to push himself up.

And that’s not the only story I’ve heard. Friends have all told me at least one story like that; where they had to dig a pal out of their tips-down snow nose dive. Fortunately they were all skiing with buddies and able to give each other a hand up.

I grew up in snowy Northern Ontario and was able to experience winters all my life with snow levels as high as they are now on the mountains. I remember building forts, and tunnels in the endless amounts of powder in my front yard, so I know what it can be like. Snow is fun, but also pretty heavy. And for those of you who haven’t experienced a winter like this, go! Get out an play in the snow!

But be careful!




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