How to Get Good Deals On Gear

After living in a place where ski touring is prevalent, this year I have decided to embrace my surroundings and start ski touring. On this journey, it’s very important to find the right gear, at the right price. Ski and snowboard gear is pricey.  Here are some tips to keep you afloat this ski season.

I have worked in sports stores, ski rentals, and as a ski instructor, and I’ll tell you a secret:

The thing about gear is that EVERYONE wants new gear each year. I’d rather have last season’s gear at a good price than give my right arm for new gear. In October, stores are trying to sell off their last season’s gear, so a good deal is often not hard to find. October is the month to start getting into the ski and snowboard buying spirit. Check out ALL of the sports stores near you to collect some of their amazing deals. 

Also check at the ski hills near you that are selling off last year’s rentals and get your pass early. Ski hills often offer a discount on gear if you buy a ski pass. They also might have many of last year’s rentals for sale. There is always a plus to getting that ski pass early!

Another place you can look for ski gear is at second hand stores. Often second hand stores are unaware of the types of gear they get, and have them on for extremely low prices.

If you are EXTREMELY thrifty, the dump is also a good place to look for skis that have been tossed by people who NEED new gear each year. Another’s person’s junk skis is someone else’s score skis!

Here is my haul this season (so far):

  • G3 Nylon Skins (reg. $200): $60
  • Smith Goggles (reg. $100): $65
  • T3 Tracker Avy Beacon (reg. $350): $260
  • Salomon Ski Pack (reg. $130): $70
  • Salomon Lumen: last year’s skis
  • G3 Skis with Dynafit Touring Bindings: Found at Dump!
  • Scarpa Touring Boots: $250
  • Unmounted Atomic Skis: $50


‘Tis the season for gear buying so get out there and get some deals!


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