10 Reasons Why the Chairlift Might Stop

Why did the chairlift stop?


A friend of mine asked me the other day: “Do you ever get children that keep asking Why questions?”

No, but there is ONE question that we ski instructors get a LOT from our kids.

“Why did the chairlift stop?”

Chairlifts usually stop for several reasons, normally it is not the end of the world. If someone needs a hand getting on the chairlift, they will slow it down (yes no need to fear on your first chairlift ride), or someone may have caught their skis or boards together at the top of the lift while getting off, and the lifties need to stop the lift so that the chair doesn’t bowl the tangled mess of skiers/boarders over. It has probably happened to all of us at some time, I know it has happened to me before.

In fact I get that question so much from kids that I decided to get creative with it. These are some reasons why the chairlift may stop:

“Why did the chairlift stop?”

1. The abominable snowman

2. Ice Queen froze it

3. The chairlift hates when this happens

4. The lifties are having a coffee break

5. Santa’s elves are throwing snowballs at the chairlift again

6. There’s a glitch in the matrix

7. Magic

8. It does this once every hundred years

9. Snow fairies get jealous when it’s running smoothly

10. Didn’t you hear about the mountain chairlift sleepover?

Usually these answers lead to more why questions, but it does pass the time while the lifites are getting it back up and running. A lot of kids look forward to the chairlift ride and I’m glad I’m making the ride that much more interesting.



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